Doesn’t V look amazing in this Baju Melayu?

Did you know that back in 2018, acclaimed K-Pop band, BTS member, Kim Tae Hyung or popularly known as V, stunned fans in Malaysia when he appeared on stage clad in a white long-sleeved shirt Baju Melayu gifted for him by one of his loyal fans! What we would give to see him in the full set with the kain samping….

So, you see, Baju Melayu isn’t just an outfit Malay men wear on Hari Raya, in fact, it’s such a fashionable and versatile outfit, every single Malaysian should consider incorporating it into their wardrobes. 

History 101: Baju Melayu

The Baju Melayu originated from the courts of Melaka and is a traditional wear for men in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. Originally regarded as baju kurung, it was renamed baju Melayu in modern Malaysia. The Baju Melayu is the official attire required to be worn during any official national events.

Different States, Different Baju Melayu!

Baju Melayu differs in terms of style based on the state the wearer comes from. The different styles include:

  • Cekak Musang- Popular in central and northern parts of Malaysia, the shirt placket (with three to five buttonholes) will form a third of the baju Melayu from the top when it is worn underneath the kain samping.
  • Teluk belanga-Originated from Johor, this style is most different as the kain samping is worn underneath the baju Melayu instead of over it. In terms of collar, instead of the cekak musang collar, the opening of the teluk belanga baju Melayu is hemmed with stiff stitching.

Wear it anywhere, everywhere?

Well, technically, Malaysia is probably the only place you could wear Baju Melayu to your heart’s content no matter the occasion (except maybe a sad one). Even if it’s a wedding, a presentation, prayers in the mosque, a baju Melayu will never look out of place. This is probably why this versatile outfit has maintained its relevance and only seems to innovate over the years.

Give it A New Twist

Since we’re talking about the relevance of Baju Melayu nowadays, why not give it a modern twist? It doesn’t even have to be extravagant but honestly, you’d be surprised with what a simple white sneaker could do to your baju Melayu! Similarly, you could also try ditching the kain samping and pairing the baju Melayu with your favorite jeans and kicks!

Phew, if after all this, you’re still letting your baju Raya get dusty, what are you doing? Get it out and show that the baju Melayu still remains the most stylish outfit ever!

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